Aqua Dome

deep from inside the earth arises our thermal water

From the former Längenfelder Badl thermal bath in the 16th century to the foundation of the AQUA DOME four centuries later.  The healing waters of Längenfeld in the Ötztal surface from a depth of 1.865 metres and at a temperature of 40° Celsius. After the spring of the “Badl“, which had been known for centuries, had dried up in 1960, the water was rediscovered in 1997 via deep drilling. According to analysis, the drilled waters from Längenfeld are a sulphur thermal spring with a divalent sulphur content of 5 mg S--/l, sodium chloride sulphate thermal water and a legally recognised healing spring. 3 to 4 litres of warm and pure water are spouting into the thermal spa through the 100 metres long pipe system every second.

heavenly water with sulphur

In the 16th century, one could read the first time about a spring “with a distinctive sulphurous smell” on the floor of the valley in Längenfeld. “Wherever water with an exceptional flavour of earth, iron or sulphur appears, people consider it a healing spring,“, the journal “der Alpenfreund“ slandered in 1872 and further: “Beside farmers, now and then clerics of the surrounding area and some old spinsters as the only representatives of the female gender haunt there.“ Consequently, such a farmer’s Badl wasn’t necessarily considered a part of the upper way of life, but nevertheless: it was a bath. In 1897, the German travel writer R. Flab was eager to take a bath after a long walk in the mountains and descended to Längenfeld. The putative “fine Badl” turned out to be a wooden shack. “Beggars can’t be choosers. So, let’s jump into the sulphur puddle!” Flab disclosed to the newspaper “Straßburger Post” (quotet after Pro Vita Alpine 2005).Times are changing. The farmer’s Badl was followed by a veritable sanatorium and afterwards by our ultra-modern thermal spa AQUA DOME. After farmers and spinsters, more and more “hiking tourists” visited the spring and alongside with, them the appreciation for the healing water of Längenfeld.